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Thursday, 1 October 2015

"All Quiet Along The Potomac Tonight"?

I am trying to 'learn' the Blackpowder rules once and for all! Given my age and the number of different games and rule sets we play it seems like a sensible move to me. We shall see, as they say... Jon and I are fighting a series of battles using the rules with different period focus to help me along the way! Mostly we play 12 move games on the table here in GHQ but we recently decided to try a much larger game played over two or more sessions. The period we chose is the ACW, my main interest as most of you know I'm sure. This allows far more figures than we usually deploy for a one off game, giving more of my collection of mostly Dixon Miniatures an airing, so as to speak. The Union camp as morning breaks ~

The band serenades senior officers as they await orders ~

The Union's right is held by a Brigade of U.S.Colored troops ~

The initial Rebel attack is developing, slowly, on the Union's left around White's Farmstead ~

Colored Troops deploy into a firing line awaiting the inevitable Rebel assault ~

Union artillery rushes into action to support the line ~

Their view of the impending assault is far from encouraging!

The opening action in the centre sees the U.S.Sharpshooters under attack in the cornfield ~

The action is building on the Union left by now, with troops from Pennsylvania and the Irish Brigade holding the line ~

U.S.Bykleigh urges his boys into the fight ~

Boys from New York hurry to shore up the Union's left flank ~

Fighting intensifies in the cornfield as Regulars move to restore the line ~

All along the line now the Rebs are pressing the boys hard ~

The Colored troops are in danger of being flanked by the Reb progress in the cornfield ~

Away on the Union left the fighting around White's Farm has degenerated into a sporadic firefight ~

Colored Troops drive back the Rebs threatening their position with a bayonet charge ~

Although weight on numbers must surely begin to tell ~

In the centre, fighting is at close quarters and begins to weaken the Union's hold ~

Rebel artillery is moving up to support the attacks on the Union's left ~

Casualties are beginning to mount in the Union's centre and on the left ~

A panoramic view of the Rebel attacks developing all along the Union line ~

Despite the weight of numbers moving against them the boys in blue are holding firm ~

Even on the weakened Union left the boys are enjoying some success against the Rebs ~

Even so, the butcher's bill will be heavy I fear before those damned Rebs are driven back!

After 12 turns we had to call a halt. The situation has stabilized for the Union, with reserves bolstering weaker points in the line and a second line forming to guard against any breakthrough along the front. For the Rebs, weight of numbers is pressing on the Union right and some progress is being seen in the centre. Around White's Farm the fighting has settled into a bitter exchange of fire with neither side showing signs of giving way. We hope to continue the action next week, but first there is Derby Worlds this weekend and then Canada v Romania in the Rugby World Cup to consider.


  1. Most impressive, good to see the bigger table getting full useage.

    1. Thanks,Phil! The new table has certainly changed the games we play.

  2. WoW! Great looking game David!


  3. Impressive table, troops and terrain!

  4. Sounds like a great game, the camp is spectacular!

    1. Thanks,Phil! I must admit the camp looks quite nice?

  5. Wonderful terrain and troops. Love the camp scene with band ensemble.

    1. Thanks for the comment,Dean! Every army should have a band really!

  6. Your game looks amazing! I like black Powder very much, it is not perect, but do the job.

    1. Thanks for that,Bartek! I am slowly getting to know Blackpowder.

  7. Very nice looking game David, give those Rebs hell!

    1. Thanks for those words of encouragement David!