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Saturday, 21 February 2015

The First of the Austrians

The muse has remained strong this week and the eye has been behaving itself too. As a result I've started on the Austrians for my Wars of the French Revolution project. As with the French, the majority of the figures are from Trent Miniatures, with occasional pieces from Front Rank ~ guns and generals in the main so far. A battery of 12lb guns first up ~

The infantry I have organised into 7 bases of 4 figures, giving a strength of 28 figures to represent a battalion. So far I've purchased two Fusilier battalions and one Grenadier battalion, in the latter case just 20 figures on 5 bases of 4 figures. All the figures are for German types. If all goes well, I shall buy the same total of Hungarian types in the Autumn. For test figures I painted a command stand for the infantry Brigade. It features a mounted officer, from Front Rank, together with a foot officer,a drummer, and two Fusiliers from Trent Miniatures.

A little detail from the group: as one of the Fusiliers is depicted smoking his pipe I added a little kapok to suggest tobacco smoke. I'm not entirely sure that its not too much, but it was very fiddly even with that amount, I think less might have been too difficult for my skills. I like it anyway, so I hope others might too ~

I have several more figures already started, but nothing near enough finished to be able to post before we leave for our holiday next week. Back to packing now then....


  1. Those look rather splendid Mr. B. The white has come up rather well I think.

    1. Thanks, Phil! Glad you approve. White is not the easiest of colours ~ bit like red and black really.

  2. Great job so far - looking forward to see how the rest shape up.

    1. Thanks Stuart! Always nice when someone likes your work; encourages you to press on. In fact I've finished the Austrian Army Command base today so may pop that up later on.