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Thursday 5 February 2015

The Battle of Privy Farm

Earlier this week Jon came over to GHQ for our re-established regular game. As it was my turn to choose I decide to break out the ACW collection and give its first airing of the year. I took command of the Union army and Jon took the Rebs! The calm before the storm ~

Before you ask: the balloon played no part in the game; it just happened to be in the same scenery box as the buildings! The general shape of the unfolding battle can be followed through the following pictures and the relevant captions. As ever all the figures are from my collection and the scenery is largely a mixture from The Last Valley and scratch built. As you'll probably know my figures are almost all by Dixon Miniatures and unsurprisingly the rules were my own Bull Run to Gettysburg. The game lasted 9 of the scheduled 10 turns and was over in 2 1/2 hours.
The Privy Farm

The Boxe Farmstead

The Union centre is held strongly

The Rebel assault begins!

The Union right is thinly held

But the artillery commands a wide field of fire

The Union left comes under early attack from Reb artillery

The Rebel centre is fixed on the Privy Farmstead

South Carolina troops move on the Union right

Broken ground slows their advance

The Reb centre slowly moves forward in a pinning attack

Rebs emerge from the cover of Robinson Woods to assault the Union left

Union artillery on Pender's Hill come under heavy counter battery fire

The Union right is suffering heavy casualties from a fire fight

Things are hotting up on the Union left

An overview of the battle at the half way stage

The Union left seems to be holding

But fresh hordes of Rebs emerge from Robinson Woods

The Union left crumbles under intense pressure

Suddenly the boys on the Union's right flank have had enough

The centre may hold for a while but Rebs have two of three objectives and
win the game


  1. Great looking game - lovely figures and terrain - great photos as well.

    1. Thanks Dean! Kind words much appreciated!

  2. That's a really nice looking game! Excellent choice of period.:-)


    1. The one true period, of course, Christopher! Glad you approve!

  3. Splendid stuff as we have come to expect, you should have sent the band in.

    1. Thanks, Phil! The band was to amuse William when he popped in to see Grandad!

  4. Great looking game David. What size table do you use these games?

  5. Hi Dave, splendid looking game as always. Good to see BRTG getting a run-out - still a favourite set of mine. Cheers, Norman

    1. Hi Norman! Glad you enjoyed the pictures of the game! Naturally BR2G remain my favourite set of ACW rules.

  6. David,
    Great looking game, well narrated and photographed. Next time maybe the "Rock of Boxe Farmstead" will have a better outing.

  7. Thanks for the encouragement, William! I always hope to do better next game, but am usually disappointed...Onward and Upward!

  8. Nice one. Looks great! I'm running a game of BRTG at the next club meeting.

    1. Thanks for the comment, hope the game goes well for you all.