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Saturday 24 December 2011

A Mutinous ~ sorry, Happy ~ Christmas

Just time to wish anyone who pops by a very
 Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year 
~ except accross the tabletop battlefield that is.

Also a chance to show you my very latest additions to the Indian Mutiny collections. They are all Foundry figures, a mixture of Mutineers from three packs and an artilleryman doubling up with the unit's Colours.
25th Bengal Native Infantry

The figures need to be matt varnished before they can join their fellows in the GHQ storeage system, but that will have to wait until after the holiday is over. As a teaser for 2012, I've based some 1940 WWII figures ready to paint and washed their faces and hands so I can get started on expanding the Seelowe 1940/"Pig Whoooey!" games in the Spring. I have some Foundry German paratroopers, to expand their game options, and some Home Guard in helmets, to double as Regulars; together with some old BEF Miniatures ~ a Boys Anti-Tank rifle group and a 2lb Anti-Tank gun and crew. All are preped and ready to start after the festivities have subsided. In the meantime, as I said before ~
Happy Christmas!

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