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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Up the Jungle!

Recently Jon and I managed a Bolt Action game here in GHQ. We opted for a game set in Burma in the mid war period, with Jon commanding the Japanese force and myself the British. We are not ones for points and lists, so we more or less put my entire collection on the table in a six turn encounter game, starting a foot in from the table's edges. The first picture shows the general table layout: the Japanese deploy on the right as you look at the picture, the British the left ~
The ruined temple proved useful to the British to anchor their position

The Japanese attacked strongly on the British left but ran into stiff resistance from the British infantry in Ambush positions.
The Japs find their path blocked!

Meanwhile, the British tank attacked in their rear while more infantry took position on the high ground to enfilade any attack.
As you can see, the attack was a costly failure!

Meanwhile there was an exchange of mortar fire between the two sides.
The British 3" mortar team do stirling service!

Even under heavy fire the Jap mortar team stick to their task!

Finally the Japanese begin to get the upper hand, despite some serious losses of their own, including the tankette knocked out by British mortar fire.
The Japs attack the British left flank in numbers and carry the day.
The game lasted seven turns in the end and took about two hours. In the end the large number of pin markers I accumulated on two units proved the tipping point. The Japanese had lost 290 points but the British 380 plus, so clearly a Japanese win. I must get some more figures for this game later in the year: a Japanese tank and anti tank gun I think and a 25lber for the British if I can find the money!


  1. A close and hotly contested battle from the looks of it, great pics and words. Trust you took coming second on the chin(dit).

    See we are back to trying to decipher illegible words again to publish a post too.

    1. A good, close game indeed! Could n't agree more about the daft wobbly words either!