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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Battle of Atzoff

Phil and I have recently played out a second game of Maurice, this time using my SYW armies. The game, which we named the Battle of Atzoff, sees the French assaulting the British position in and around the town of Atzoff. The town itself features several of the versatile Conflix buildings and the well, also by Conflix, marked the objective for the game. All my figures are from the Foundry SYW range, sculpted by Rob Baker I believe. They seem to divide opinion amongst wargamers I know, but for me they have that very C18th look. The opening picture shows the battlefield as the forces deployed. Phil, as the Attacker, got 8 Action Cards to start with while I, as the Defender, got 5. The story of the game unfolds in the following pictures, each one captioned to draw your attention to the salient feature in the game at that moment. To Atzoff then!
In the early morning mists the armies deploy

The French centre right begins to grind forward to attack the enemy

The French, led by the Garde Swisse, sweep forward

While to their right the French cavalry move to attack the British left wing

A desperate fight ensues, but the British falter

They are fatally disrupted and flee

The weight of the attack is still on the British left, allowing the right
to move forward

On the French left fire breaks a British regiment!

The Garde Swisse carry the town of Atzoff!

The Wilde Geese are on the wing!

Another firefight favours the French cause!

The French army's morale collapses and they flee!

Exhausted troops cheer their general!

While Phil's French were very successful on his right, he rather neglected his left wing where, in two rounds of decisive volley fire I was able to fatally disrupt three infantry regiments. To be fair to Phil, his dice throws for Army Morale points lost as a result could n't have been worse, while over on my left mine could not have been better. Hence, the French army suddenly exceeded its Army Morale and broke as a result, leaving the hard pressed British army victorious.
A super game we both agreed lasting about three hours in all, with a break for lunch kindly provided by my wife Sue. We think in our next outing with Maurice we may try the Advanced Rules, or some aspects of them at least. In the meantime we have a Bolt Action WWI game to look forward to next week after my trip up to Scotland to take in Carronade at Falkirk on Saturday.


  1. Ah! I remember it well, a spiffingly grand game with good old Maurice, can't beat it. Jolly nice pics too.

    1. Yes, spiffing game as you say! I think Maurice has much to recommend it myself.

  2. Lovely stuff David - the figures look great. Sounds like Phil had exceedingly bad luck with army morale - we usually end up with running out of cards ending the game.
    Cheers, Norman

    1. Thanks, Norman! Phil's dice for losses were severe, no doubt about that, but we have never run out of cards in a game yet.