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Sunday, 18 May 2014

"Pour Encourager Les Autres!"

Or in this case, Moi! I have run into one of those periodic moods that I'm sure affects more than just me, I want to paint, but I can't be bothered mostly. This mood problem, combined with the old focus problem in my left eye, has meant that painting has trailed away quite significantly: only 25 figures so far this month. Poor show! So, in an attempt to give my get up and go some go, I laid out all the figures I've completed this year so far for the French Revolutionary Wars project. First up though, the latest addition, in the shape of a Regiment of British Heavy Dragoons ~
British Dragoons

Now, two shots of the assembled armies to give a feel for what the collection will look like by the end of the year, I hope ~
The French...

...rather outnumber the British at present.

I've actually completed three fifths of the next British Regiment, the 33rd Foot, and have all the figures bar two ensigns and a drummer for the fourth regiment, the 12th Foot. I hope to collect the missing figures, together with a few odd cavalry figures for both armies from Trent Miniatures at Partizan on 1st June {Partizan in the Park, apparently ~ an attempt to talk up a show in a tent if you ask me!} I have the same number of French infantry to paint in the second half of the year, but plan to add Austrians to the Allied cause rather than more British troops at the September Partizan {hopefully not in a cardboard box?}
Because I am struggling to sit and paint for any length of time ~ I could be painting now after all rather than blogging ~ I have made a bold plan. I shall finish the British and the odd figures mentioned above by the end of June. That will leave me July and August to paint anything I fancy from the 'Ready to Go' pile, aka the Lead Pimple. I have a Great War Miniatures 18lb gun, ammunition limber and crew and a fourth Infantry battalion by the same manufacturer; two Dixon Miniatures ACW regiments for an Orphan Brigade; a Foundry unit of early Saxons for C5th; a mule born Radio set team for Rhanzlistan, with mules by Tiger Miniatures and figures from Copplestone  (but no radio equipment sourced yet); two mounted Mexican bandits, from Dixon again, for New Paddock City. In addition to these, I have some paint on the Japanese FOO team and the Chi-Ha medium tank which I bought from Warlord at Carronade earlier this month, while I also have some work to do on the terrain items for The Great Detective games. I suppose I really ought to be painting now...

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  1. A sound plan, with what you have already achieved giving you the spur to adhere to it I trust ;-) There I was looking forward to Partizan, having really hated Salute this year and its in a big top, a hanger like Excel really, but with certainly more light I hope.