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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Revolting Natives and Rebellious Rajas

I've been working on a number of projects of late, usually in the early morning when its been cooler, a slightly unusual pattern due to the unexpectedly hot weather. These have included some Foundry WWII German sentries for our 1940 games, some Empress Miniatures Jazz Age Tribesmen, and some Foundry War Elephants for the Rajah of Rhawnli's Bodyguard unit for our Indian Mutiny games.
Firstly the Rajah's Elephant Guard. Phil painted the elephants and the mahouts, leaving me to paint the warrior crew. I got these ages ago from one of the now sadly defunct £5.00 baskets at an Open Day. I would not have bought them at the full price, but these were too good to miss.

Here the elephants get their first taste of action in a recent game staged on my table here in GHQ.
I came a gallant second in turn 12 when the Rajah's Elephant guard finally broke and the army of the HEIC swarmed over the bridge of boats...

The Empress Jazz Age Tribesmen are for my Rhawnzlistan Field Force games. They are lovely figures, mostly with separate heads, meaning you can vary and characterise your force; something I value after wading through my first Copplestone unit of largely cloned figures. On the down side, they are complicated to paint compared to the Foundry tribesmen.

I have five more figures on my desk to finish off, although I may buy a couple of more packs in the Autumn to swell the ranks, along with the rather nice mounted ones they have brought out recently. Funds are a bit tight here in GHQ at the present, largely due to preordering a large number of Trent Miniatures Revolutionary Wars figures for my 2014 project!


  1. Those Empress Jazz Age Tribesmen are lovely looking figures and great basing.


    1. Thanks Matt, appreciate the comment!

  2. Greate looking minis !!!

    Best regards Michael