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Monday, 3 September 2012

Gell's Foote musters

I've been steadily painting up the first of four (hopefully) new Perry ECW Foote units, in this case Sir John Gell's Regiment of Foote. They are based for my own rules, "A Crowning Mercy", which I expect will be out in early 2013.
The first picture shows them drawn up in Battle Order, with the firebrand Puritan Jeremiah Bykleigh (a Warlord interloper) invoking God's wrath on the enemy!!! The second shows one of the sleeves of shotte, with the officer prominent in the front rank. While the third photo shows the Command stand leading the Regiment forward.
I've started a second unit now and have completed the Command stand. They will be Rupert's Bluecoats for the Royalists!

The photos were taken on my camera phone, so are not as sharp as I'd like, but needs must while my computer is away in intensive care (or perhaps the last chance saloon?) I'm having to blog from the phone and then edit from our old steampunk laptop, not enough power in it to put up the original post you see.


  1. fplendid, fir, fplendid. Your inftrument of the devil doef them no juftice, verily they look much better at firft hand.

    1. My thanks, Sir Marmaduke, though they will not do you any favours when next we cross dice across the table!

  2. Hi Dave, they look good even with the dodgy photos, and something of a clue to the basing for the rules - I'm guessing that 2 x 40mm 4 figure bases together would be able to count as a sleeve of shot or a pike stand? How do you find the Perrys fit in with other figures size wise?
    Cheers, Norman

    1. Thanks Norman! The short answer is yes. My armies are now based mostly on 80 mm x 50mm MDF bases, ease of storeage and play mainly, but also the chance to play around a little more with the 'look' of the armies!
      As to Perry figures: they mix well with my Foundry and with the odd Warlord I have ~ mainly the personalities Matt did for them ~ but I doubt they'd mix in with Renegade or Bicorne units.