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Monday, 16 July 2012

A Visit to Stoke Challenge 2012

I went to Stoke Challenge '12 yesterday, a small show in Stoke-on-Trent which I'd not visited for a number of years, mainly I should say because I'd seen on his website that Colonel Bill's had some unpainted Foundry Hill Tribesmen I could use to increase my Mutineers for our The Devil's Wind games. As the event is mainly for competition players I had n't really expected to see much in the way of Display Games but it turned out rather differently, as you can see...

First up, a gruesome detail from Stoke Wargames Club's 28mm Naseby game. The MDF buildings were very good I thought.

From the same club's Blenheim 1704 game. Loads of figures on both games and lots going on to grip the attention and interest.

A WWI Arab Revolt game staged by The Maths Club Valiants featuring some splendid stuff ~ terrain, boats, planes, trains: you name it, they had it! Including figures!

The harbour 'somewhere in Beerabia' I think. No sign of Terrence though...

The RFC soaring above the desert plains!

A 20mm WWII Western Desert game presented by an independent group of gamers. Featuring some nice terrain and well painted figures. I always admire anyone who takes the Italians in these games!

Detail of the Italians dug in and ready to defend the position valiantly, or not...

Finally, St Helen's Spartans had a Very British Civil War game which had some splendid scratch built terrain by Nick Perry of Bespoke Model Buildings.

The detailing on the buildings made for a very engrossing tabletop. Nick has a web site, so look him up if you want something different for your tabletop games ~ http://www.bespokemodelbuildings.co.uk/

Well, it would hardly be a visit worth the name to any show if you did n't come away with some goodies for the Lead Pimple! I got the Foundry Hill Tribesmen I wanted from Colonel Bill's Recruiting Office; a Hindu statue of Ganesha for the Mutiny games and some palm trees from Tiger Miniatures; and, some MDF bases from 4Ground. Sue bought a book on the B&B, so success all round! On to Buxton then for lunch and finally a drive home through The Peak District. And, it did n't rain! In 2012's wash-out summer, surely some success!


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