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Friday, 6 July 2012

"The British are coming!"

Well, for part of the game they were at least! The latest game here in GHQ featured a, slightly belated, tribute to the 4th July celebrations across the pond: an AWI game with Phil 'Liberty' Robinson commanding the brave colonials and yours truly the forces of the tyrant, sorry, the Crown, aided by some Loyalist volunteers and paid mercenaries from the German states. The rules used were Black Powder and the figures and terrain were from my collections ~ a little dated now I'm sure, but still doing sterling service when called on!

The rebel camp on the left of their line, defended by Militia and Rifle armed Backwoodsmen. Figures are mostly Front Rank, with a few Perry Miniatures and Foundry thrown in.

The Hessians' Brigade attacked through a farm, attempting to turn the flank while Butler's Rangers harassed the camp's defenders! In the centre the British advance to a fence line to support the Hessian attack while beyond Regulars engage the Continental line.

In the centre the 38th, supported by Light Infantry, Paddoquoi Indians and South Carolina Loyalists drove in the first Continental line, despite coming under heavy fire.

About the half way point of the afternoon it was all decidedly promising for the Crown's cause: the Hessian attack was making slow progress on the right, the Rebel centre was creaking and starting to buckle; and on the left the cavalry were getting the upper hand! Hurrah!

The 17th Light Dragoons drove straight through the Philadelphia Horse, on into the Dragoons holding the right flank, and smashed through them in turn into the Rebel right flank. Oh, it all looked so good...

Counting your chickens is a dangerous game in any wargame, oh yes it is! It all began to unravel for the Crown's forces. On the right, the Rebel Militia defending the camp drove off the Hessian attacks in bitter fighting: the Brigade broke and fled! On the left, the Light Dragoons were sweeping all before them, only to take withering flank fire from Pennsylvania Line and Continentals! They broke and fled! In the centre, dogged defencive fire finally stopped the attack and then broke the British resolve! Liberty had triumphed over the tyrant!
Scenery is by The Last Valley, with the farm buildings and tented camp by Dave Paddock's former Architectural Heritage firm, now JR I think and available through Magister Militum here in the UK. A great afternoon's gaming with Phil, spoilt only by the humiliation of certain victory evaporating into ignominious defeat! Oh well, that's all part of the joy of wargaming really! {And, as a side note, it marked a third defeat in the week, having lost a Black Powder SYW game with Jon the day before in a similarly tight and hard fought game.} Still, there's always the next time...


  1. Excellent photos and report, David. I've never seen militia rout Hessians before! Lovely terrain and buildings - it really looks the part for this period.

    Best wishes


    1. Thanks, Giles! In truth the Hessians broke because of passing flank fire in the charge as much as doing very badly in the melee!

  2. Greate looking game and a realy nice AAR !

    Best regards Michael

    1. Thanks, Michael! Nice to be appreciated and get some feedback.

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  4. David, you are doing your figures a dis-service calling them dated. Still using Minifig figures painted in the late 70's is dated, or is that just being Scottish?
    Nice looking game.

    1. I think that might be a trick question! What could I possibly say about 'being Scottish' ...?