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Monday, 19 March 2012

A Mixed Bag...

...in more ways than one. I'll explain if I may. I've had an eye test which has resulted in a new and different prescription for my close focus painting glasses. The results are pleasingly clearer focus on the little chaps when I'm painting them, which is obviously a 'good thing', combined with a rather alarming realisation that the stuff I've been painting these last few months is pretty rough, which is obviously a 'bad thing'...
Well, judge for yourselves ~
A unit of Dixon Miniatures, painted up as Regulars.

As the close up shows only too clearly; I even seem to have missed the moustache on the right hand figure completely.

Some Redoubt Enterprises additions to my French Indian War skirmish games.

A Perry Miniatures ECW gun, 'Primrose' and crew.

And finally a Warlord/BEF Panzer 38t for our 1940 Operation Sealion/ "Pig Hoo-o-o-o-ey!" games.

Of the lot, I'm really pleased with my efforts on the tank and the ECW gun and crew, but much less pleased by the ACW and FIW, stuff which I finished a while ago. Perhaps I'm being too picky, after all I'm no great shakes with the paint brush anyway, as I will readily admit, but they did honestly look ok through the old lenses. Moral of the tale: keep up to speed with those eye tests, they are too important to leave go!


  1. Hello David:

    What an interesting post. I wonder how many of us painters are optically challenged? I tend to hold my chaps up close and look over my glasses when doing fine work, which is probably not good for my eyes in the long run.
    I wouldn't be too hard on yourself, you managed to get some great facial expressions on some of those figures. The eyes are very expressive. I doubt you would have missed the moustache if you had only been painting a few figures instead of a whole unit. Still, it will be interesting to hear your opinion as to how your new eyeglasses improve your painting over time.

  2. Cmon we all know it's really down to the drink & a mis-spent youth.
    Glad to see you're now using your spare time wisely.
    I see you're in a teasing mood - is that Mr. Robinson's Pink Thingy in the background of your nice new ECW gun.

  3. David, very nice looking minis you have ther.

  4. You have made a cracking job of the wee German beastie, look forward to viewing in the resin/metal on Friday.