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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Disaster at Dunny-on-the-Pyddle

The forces of Parliamente were this afternoon put to route by those of the Kinge, "God save his Majesty!"
Parliamentary forces attacked on the left and on the right from the first move.
Obadiah Bykleigh can be seen directing the attacks, from the Parliamentary Army's left, in the middle distance.

While on the Parliamentary Army's right the Foote advance steadily towards the Royalist Foote, whose Horse is rapidly crossing the bridge over the Pyddle and coming up in support.

Soon the Parliamentary Army's Foote found itself under pressure and, alarmingly, began to give way: first on the left centre and then on the right, when Sir Marmaduke Robinson's Horse crashed into the flank of John Hamden's Foote, while Obadaih Bykleigh's Foote could only look on helplessly.

A general view across the table near the end of the game, as Jon's Royalist Army advances on all fronts and the forces of Parliament flee the field of battle in disarray.

As ever in our ECW games the rukes in use were "Victory Without Quarter!" They are card driven, so not to everyone's tastes, but we feel strongly that they represent the chaotic nature of mid C17th conflict really well. Its not often that a battle ends up as one sided as today's Parliamentary route though...


  1. There appears to be an issue with Blogger here, reversing the order of my last two pictures despite everything I have done to correct the order...

  2. The King's army was spurred on by lashings of hot coffee and the promise of egg custards!

    Sir Marmaduke's regiment of cavalry were quite superb and should be re-christened Robinson's Knob'llors.

  3. Very nice looking battle. Generals called Marmaduke always rock, in my humble opinion.
    I believe I have the same church model you show there. I like what you've done with it.

  4. At last a victory over the rebels and traitors led by the dastardly Obadiah Bykleigh, well done Sir Jonathon Whyte.

    A pox on Parliament and long live the Kinge.

    Lord Rawnfley