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Saturday, 3 December 2016

En Avant mes braves!

While Phil and Di have been away for a few days R&R in the Lake District I have made a determined effort to press on with painting for my Wars of the French Revolution project, in the form of the Brigade Games figures I bought on the Flea Market at the October Derby Worlds.
The folk selling these figures had bags of stuff so I had a grand time rummaging through the boxes to see if I could make up another 24 figure battalion. In the end I couldn't find an officer or a standard bearer. For the former I eventually found a Mounted figure, a Russian as it happens from their Russian Colonels set, but I've painted him up as French and he will do! For the latter, amongst the Dromedary figures I found a standard bearer, so I've pressed him into service and painted him in a Hussar style scheme, after all, it's the Revolution and the commissary must provide what it can!

So far I've completed four of the six bases of figures and I'm well on with the fifth base of figures, in the Advancing pose rather than at March Attack like the others. If that seems odd, bear with me a moment please; the remaining base of figures representing the Elite Company are also Advancing and the two together will head up the column of attack formation, as will the odd attacking pioneer figure I've also completed. No vegetation on the bases yet, I'll do that once all six are complete. Together with the odd Trent Miniatures Battalion I have these will be the 1st & 3rd Battalions of the 5th Demi-Brigade de Ligne. For the 2nd Battalion I've decided to field a unit mostly in helmets. There are figures available from Eureka, Elite, Eagle, and Foundry Miniatures amongst others. I like the Eureka ones most, but cost dictates another choice this time. I've not seen any Elite Miniatures in the round and Eagle only have an advancing figure and an officer, so, as I want the Battalion to be in firing pose I shall be going with Foundry figures. That they are smaller I can live with; I've found you don't notice that when the battle is joined! As there is a buy 8 get 2 free offer on I've decided to make up a second Battalion in bicorne as one of the Paris National Guard battalions. I like the flags you see, no other reason.
I shall be left then, besides these two new battalions, with a regiment of French Hussars, two Austrian limber teams and an Austrian caisson team. I think that if I'm not careful this ongoing project could simply run and run, so I must be cautious in other acquisitions as storage space and table size are neither limitless. Perhaps some Trent Miniatures Scots Greys next Partizan, hopefully there'll be a command pack for the cavalry by then! So, no more waffle, back to painting now. A Bientot!


  1. Quelle fromage! Very nice ๐Ÿ‘ I too am tempted by the Foundry and or Casting Room offers, the latter being 20% off.

    1. Je vous remercie! Ordered those figures yet?

  2. Mercy buckets, silver plate. Nice, very nice.

  3. Frankly the standard bearer is lucky to get a coat and trousers! Lovely looking ligne nice painting.
    Best Iain