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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Bit of a mish mash!

So far this month I seem to have been all over the place and accomplishing not very much along the way. I have managed five games, but we should draw a veil over four of them at this stage, they were not a pretty sight! Painting has been slow, if I'm honest with you, mainly due to arthritis problems in my right hand. Funny how I only seem to drop the brush when its charged with paint! I've also had a visit here in GHQ from Dan of Wargames Illustrated. Phil and I were providing figures and terrain for some photos he needed to accompany articles in the next two issues: Chindits v Japanese in Burma, for which I provided the terrain and figures; and Back of Beyond Chinese, for which Phil did the necessary. Look out for Phil's work, it is stunning in my opinion. In fact, I must be right there, as Dan took figures away with him for photos on the Digital Issue. I'm looking forward to seeing those! So, enough blather! Some pictures now! First, my attempt at jungle ~

The man in action organising one of the many shots he took. Perhaps half a dozen might make the magazine. A whole days work for such a small part of the whole shows us how much which we don't appreciate goes into producing each issue ~

I've only completed one unit this month, a Hanoverian Infantry unit for my Wars of the French Revolution project. They are Trent Miniatures, of course, although the command elements are from Front Rank's Early Peninsular War range, with a bit of judicious painting they will pass for the period if you don't look too closely.

 I've also started a unit of Highlanders, also from Trent with a couple of Front Rank figures. So far I've only got four skirmishing figures finished to show, although the first two bases of the Regiment are done too. They will be the 42nd Foot, or in some games the Dunwhinngin Fencibles under the command of Lt Col Alex Salmond,{ a well know whinger in reality!}

Duncan also very kindly found me the missing Jingling Johnnie figure so my French band is now completed and ready to lead the army to victory! Well, I can but hope ~

Finally, amongst all these flashy uniforms, I've painted up the free figure from the Other Partizan. He seemed just right for Lord Emsworth, so here he is at Blandings raising his standard for our VBCW/1940 Operation Zeelowe games ~

I almost forgot! I've been painting a few Dixon Miniatures ACW figures for a little 'Command in Camp' vignette. Here they are in front of an ACW Command Tent I bought at Partizan from Old Glory ~

Well, that's all I have to say for now. I hope you found at least something to interest you amongst the dross. I've time to put a little more paint on some figures, then Jon and I are off to see Walsall v Chelsea in the 3rd Round of the League Cup. Here's hoping for a shock result!


  1. Great looking games, will look forward to seeing the images in print.

    I'll also be at the Walsall v Chelsea game (or as I have been calling it - the Swifty Volant v Lion Rampant match). Fingers crossed.

    1. Thanks for the comment Matt! Shame we couldn't pull of a surprise last night?

  2. Good stuff DB, still more productive than me as well.
    Have fun later at The Bescot, we can do it.

    1. Hardly productive really, but keeps me focuses. Think my painting days may be winding down sadly. Played well last night by the by, but outclassed in the end.

  3. Your Jungle looks good! I would say you have been productive in spite of your difficult arthritis.