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Friday, 23 January 2015

A Blockage at Blandings?

With health and domestic issues seeming to have somewhat resolved themselves, at least for the present, Jon and I managed a second game this month. While we could n't make the time for a full blown army-sized wargame, we could manage a Bolt Action bash, with the setting once more being our 1940's "Zeelowe"/Blandings world. The scenario follows on from one last year which saw the Germans capture Blandings, despite the best efforts of Lord Emsworth and his clan! Emsworth has rallied the local LDV forces and elected to make a stand across the strategic crossroads between Ludlow and Blandings. German reconnaissance has taken place and a force has hastily been assembled to drive off the LDV force before they can be reinforced by Regular Army units. The game is to last 8 Turns, with the possibility of one or other side being reinforced after 4 turns have been completed. The table is set out for the game ~

The LDV can deploy anywhere along the road between St David's and Home Farm in the far distance of the picture above. The German forces can enter at any point along the long side of the table opposite the LDV positions. In our game I took on the role of Emsworth's gallant lads, and Jon took the vile Hun, despoiler of our green and pleasant land! The picture which follow in sequence will tell the unfolding story of heroism and disaster more eloquently than mere words...
The approach road is mined!

The Germans begin to probe the defences of  Blanding's Parva

Emsworth's gallant chaps dug in around the crossroads

A German squad probes towards St David's

Mortar fire is beginning to weaken the forward position

A second German squad probes the right flank of the defenders

The LDV squad in the churchyard panics and flees, then is wiped out by
mortar fire!

German cavalry are moving around the LDV's right flank now

The German tank is moving to threaten the defenders

The tank is destroyed! But more Germans are now behind the left flank

Emsworth's surviving men find themselves surrounded. Its all up lads!

Emsworth is led off to be interned and interrogated. Good luck Fritz with that!

No reinforcements were forthcoming after four turns. Jon won the dice off for them and then threw 11 in each subsequent turn, with a score of 9 or less required, ensuring that the Germans had a hard job of winning by the end of Turn 8! Emsworth's gallant lads were both outclassed, as Inexperienced, and out gunned but fought on gallantly until the last turn. Their greatest success was knocking out the German tank, which gave Herr Weiss pause for thought at least!


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    1. Thanks, Phil! It was a very close game in the end too.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by to comment Mark!

  3. Impressive terrain that keeps one looking at the pics over and again. Are the barricade pieces from Empress?

    1. Thanks for the encouragement BP! The barricades are from Empress I think.

  4. A fine affair well played the LDV.

  5. David,

    A great AAR, as one has become accustomed to from GHQ!


    1. Thanks for those kind words Bill, much appreciated!

  6. Great looking table set up and figures. No surprise why it played so well.

    1. Thanks, Dean, for taking the time to leave some feedback! I appreciate that!