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Monday, 4 November 2013

Apes, Walkers, Robots, Mad Doctors et al...

...its WEIRD WORLD WAR II meets Bolt Action! Some pictures from a recent game over at Phil's Olaf's HQ, utilising his small, but beautifully realised, Weird World War II collection and the Bolt Action ruleset from Warlord, with a 'few' modifications along the way...

A view from the American sector. A Walker and robots advance under the watchful eye of a Mechanic, while a sniper covers their path.

From the German Lines: An Ape with mindless trooper mutants advances, shadowed by the Officer in command.

Major Paddock consolidates his position as some odd flaming chaps hove into view.

Walker and robots clump into action, supported by Rocket Troopers who have occupied the building on their flank. German activity can be seen in the yard of the building in the left background. In the distance one red hot chap is already down!

The action is joined in the lane as the US Walker, supported by the robot troopers, tackles the mindless mutants.

As the melee ebbed and flowed, the Ape joins the attack and the officer attempts to take out the Mechanic.

The Ape is down and out! The Walker sees off the mindless mutants! The tide of battle is turning in favour of the righteous!

The end is nigh! Phil's German remnants are forced to fall back and the US force consolidates its hold over the ruined village at the centre of the game. A wonderful day's entertainment, using wonderful figures and terrain in a well thought out scenario with clever rule adaptions and additions! Of course, winning always helps colour one's views...
The figures are all from the AE WWII range I believe, the ruins from Foreground. Phil scratch built the intact building, eons ago it seems now.


  1. Some folk say Bolt Action is weird World War Two anyway.
    It is now.

  2. Looks like loads of fun.

    What stats and rules did you use for all the weird stuff?