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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Odds and Ends and Colours

I've been plodding on here at the GHQ painting desk with various units for the Rhanzlistan Field Force, as featured in several earlier Blog entries. To disuade the possible gremlins of boredom from raising their head I've also been working on all sorts of other bits and bobs for various projects. First up, some Foundry 'Victorians', the League of Red Headed Anarchists for my Sherlock Holmes games.

Now I know that these sculpts are not to everyone's taste, and especially to the chaps at Foundry now, but I like them. They are easy to paint, rather like Pulp Miniatures, and do the job just fine for me. Look out for them later in the Autumn as they tangle with The Great Detective.
Next up, also from Foundry, the Home Guard Communications set.

"Press Button B!"

And the motorcycle despatch rider from the same set ~

They'll both figure in our 1940 games, with the next one scheduled for December, when the British will counter attack at Market Blandings amidst rummours of dastardly goings on up at the Castle! Speaking of the castle, the final figure is for Lord E himself, a Copplestone Castings 'Jolly Good Chap' who just suits my vision of the man himself in our games.

Finally, I went to Colours last Saturday, my first visit to the show in several years. It was never a show or venue I especially liked: the ground floor area is too crowded and the games often dwarfed on other floors by the sheer space of the venue, much like Salute in my opinion. However, I did have a good day out, meeting a few folk I know and buying a few bits and bobs for various projects. I also ordered a final building from Oshiro for my Victorian to 1940's urban setting, even though I've not painted one of the others yet ~ a long story. I also got a copy of Battle Group Overlord and the small rule book, even though I think I still prefer Rapid Fire! I can't let Phil run everything in the games, he gets no time to think and plan for himself. I also bought several sets of figures to add to the Bhurpa tribes for our Back of Beyond campaign. I got the command set and machine gun from the Empress Jazz Age range, three bodyguard types from Grubby Tanks, the old Britannia ones I think, and a wonderful figure for the Jakzi of Jelilabad, the Khan of All the Bhurpas, from Mutineer Miniatures! While finally for my new Bolt Action project I got a pack of WWII British Paras in berets from Foundry, who were tucked away in the annexe to the main show. Now its Derby Worlds next up to visit on  Sunday week. I hope to see rather more than I managed last year when I did the show on crutches just a few weeks after my knee replacement operation! I'm not planning so much to buy as to look and wonder at the games on show. I seem to miss so much now a days when I see such wonderful photos on other Blogs. I must try harder to look and remember what I've seen!


  1. A busy little blog entry there Mr. B. You are being most productive lately, may the muse stay with you.

    1. As you know only too well, the muse and I are an illfitted pairing at times!

  2. That motorcycle despatch rider is a lovely figure. May have to invest in a few of those myself.

  3. Great job and good choice for Lord E. Any chance he and the family will face off against some Lovecraftian beasties or zombies in the future? Such a great idea for a setting, I can't get enough of your Blandings stuff!

    1. Thanks or the comment. No chance of zombies at Blandings, not my cup of tea. But monsters, well, watch this space as they say...