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Friday, 21 December 2012

The Great Paddock City Bank Robbery

Phil popped over today for a pre-Christmas game, or two as it turned out. Our planned 'Bull Run to Gettysburg' ACW game ended sooner than we had planned, with a resounding Union victory! So, after a leisurely lunch we cleared that tabletop and laid out New Paddock City for a Western Gunfight game, in which the 'Dusst Brothers' would roar into town and rob the bank! The forces of law and order, supported {or not!} by the honest townsfolk would defend the bank and see off the bad guys! Phil took the Dusst Brothers' gang and I took the Lawmen.

The town looked peaceful enough, until the leading members of the gang rode into town...

They soon dismounted and rushed towards the town's bank past the astonished bystanders going about their lawful business!
Soon honest citizens were fleeing the scene, except for the unlucky bank staff and customers who were caught inside the bank!

The local Sheriff, new to the town after his predecessor's sudden and unexpected lead poisoning, rushes from his office towards the bank. He was lucky to have the support of his loyal deputies in the following turns, especially the dour Stumpy Macfarlane, a dead shot with the shotgun!
The ensuing firefight was vicious and drawn out but left three of the gang members on the ground. The Undertaker will be busy today, not to mention OT the grave digger!
However, despite the best efforts of the lawmen, and of some of the citizens at least, Jedediah Dusst, the patriarch of the infamous Dusst clan, fled the town with the contents of the bank's safe leaving the citizens in uproar...
The town of New Paddock City has been enhanced by the erection of the 'Liberty Bell Hotel', bringing expansion to a halt for this year at least, although their is talk of a Lawyer moving into town. My collection of figures are mostly Dixon Miniatures and the older Foundry range, supplemented by some Pass of the North figures I got when attending my first Historicon. All the buildings, except one by HGWalls, are from the excellent and expanding Battleflag range; a range I highly recommend to fellow gamers. The rules we used were 'Astounding Tales' with house ammendments, which we find give a fast and fluid game with minimal record keeping {In fact only red wound markers by figures!} I'd recommend these rules to anyone who, like us, dabbles from time to time with the Old West in a light hearted way.
Now, it only remains to wish you ALL ~
 A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!



  1. Looks like a lot of fun!!


  2. Thanks David for the report and photos.

    May I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the very best wishes for 2013.



  3. Very nice AAR and pictures !

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  4. Have a great christmas and all the best for 2013.
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