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Friday, 11 July 2014

Burma 1943 Additions

As I seem to remember saying earlier, I've taken a sabbatical from painting figures for my Wars of the French Revolution project for the next couple of months. First up has been an addition to the Japanese forces for our Bolt Action  encounters set in Burma 1943. The figures are all from Warlord Games which I managed to purchase at Partizan in the Tent. First up the flamethrower team ~

I used the same basic colour scheme as before for the uniforms as with my earlier figures: Vallejo Khaki as the base coat base with a highlight of the same company's Japanese Uniform. For an extra highlight to distinguish shirts from jackets I add a little of their Ivory to the second mix. On a whim I decided to see if I could conjour up the flaming effect. I drilled out the end of the handset carefully using a hand drill with a fine bit and attached a short length of off-cut from a brass pike using superglue. The flame effect is a section of the Battleground Flames of War set of coloured material which I bought when the local Hobbycraft discontinued stocking the range and had a 50% off sale. I soaked it in a solution of watered down PVA and then moulded it around the brass rod to get the shape I wanted, having first liberally coated the rod with a mix of UHU and Superglue, which mix hardens really quickly. The slight white tinge is an unplanned side product of spraying the finiahed product with Humbrol Matt Varnish! I'm quietly pleased with the overall effect, but you'll be the judge I think. Next up was the anti-tank set ~


There are four figures in the set: two manning the anti-tank rifle and two rather more daring figures armed with suicide anti-tank devices. Again, the same colour scheme on the uniforms and equipment was deployed. For the anti-tank riflr set I spent a little more time on the bases using rocks and tufts to suggest they were taking cover, rather as I did with the earlier sniper set {I've added a second sniper set, but did n't see the point in a photo.} Finally, a Medic! He came with the command set, which also featured an officer I did n't have, as well as three figures already featured. Here he is rushing to aid a wounded comrade ~

I think the photo illustrates how I do the bases for this project: Warbases 25mm x 3mm bases; railroad ballast of three sizes, washed with Country Maple from a craft store's own range; mixed static grass, from Heki I think it was; tufts from Silfor via Mutineer Miniatures. Hopefully these will all do me proud, or not, on the tabletop battlefield in the coming months.


  1. Great looking figures, I have been thinking about these for my own forces.

  2. Very nice. I like the flamethrower effect.

    1. Thanks, Mark, I'm pleased with how it turnd out.

  3. Things are hotting up in the jungle it seems, nice flame effect.

    1. Ta, Phil, it worked out ok in the end.