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Sunday, 24 March 2013

My bags are packed...

...I'm ready to go, etc ~ at least those of a certain age will get my drift there. I'm a little 'off' painting figures at the moment. I've only managed thirteen so far this month, which is my most miserable total baring months when I've been out of the country. Instead I've been painting walls, buildings and other extras for my Samurai skirmish game project. I'm neither keen nor very good at this aspect of the hobby, being easily bored by it, but I've stuck at it with surprising inner steel. It must have come with age?
With all the buildings and stuff finished {see earlier posts for pictures} I am struggling on with six Perry armoured Samurai Phil 'so kindly' gave me! I have two finished and two more on the way, but I find them really difficult subjects to paint in truth. [As an aside at this point, we've even managed a first run through of my new rules, Funsen, which we thoroughly enjoyed.] So, pretty much any painting distraction will get my attention now I've found!
Hence the baggage, luggage, crates and carboy in the photo! I bought a fair selection of Ainsty detritus for my Pulp/ Holmes/ Rhanlistan Field Force/ Africa/ Old West projects at Alumwell/WMMS earlier in March. I also got two sets of 6milphil's wonderful baggage which he was selling via the LAF forum board. The luggage is in the foreground of the picture, all the other stuff - dockside, crates, etc is by Ainsty. There are thirteen pieces in the luggage set, so I tried to paint them in groups using different colour schemes and finishes, including old GW ink washes. The solitary black trunk is in homage to the one I took away to College in 1968, and is still in our loft today! The set is very versatile, in single piece castings, so you can paint and group it to taste. Anyway that's my effort, you'll see others far better I would think in due course. Now, back to those bl**dy Samurai...

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