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Friday, 23 November 2012

Odds and Ends...

I've been using my post-ECW painting time to work on some odds and ends for other existing projects. First up is a Dixon Miniatures Western vignette of a photographer and his 'subject' ~
The well respected, if somewhat useless, local Sheriff met his end in a shoot out in New Paddock City last week.

Next up for completion was a small set of British Light Infantry {From Foundry's new Peninsular War set ~ not on their site.} I wanted a vignette style scene to show walls of Block Houses or Forts being assaulted in our War of 1812 games.

Now  these are sculpted in a very different style from the 'old firm' but for me they are a welcome addition to my 1812 British-Canadian army. They paint up rather like the Pulp Miniatures of Bob Mursch I found. There were all sorts of interesting packs in the range, but its nowhere to be found on the site before you look. I bought my pack in a 'Half Price Sale' at the last Open Day, just after the Ansell-Coup...
The set consists of two light infantry advancing carrying a ladder, one climbing a second ladder and one firing up into the massed enemy above in support of the attack. They will do very nicely for my needs. Now, I believe that there is room in the hobby for all sorts of differing figure styles and, while most of us do have our favourites, there is a ready market for variety. Perhaps if Foundry had charged less for these new style figures that the 'geriatric' Perry's ranges on offer they might have been better received and sold more strongly. Horses for courses so as to speak. Anyway, they, along with the early Prussians and Russians I think, are supposed to be available but I guess you'd have to call and enquire within.
On a totally unrelated matter, but far more important for me at least, I was discharged from Physiotherapy today, having recorded 115 degrees of bend in my knee and sailing through all the exercises. I have been driving a bit, although changing gear is sore after a while, and walking when I can, often now without needing to use my stick! I've also managed to play two shortish games here in GHQ with Jon ~ a Western Gunfight game last week and a Hail Caesar Late Roman Civil War game. Needless to say I lost them both but could n't have cared less in the circumstances, they were games after all!!!! I hope to try another game of two before the holiday season and then, hopefully, normal service will be restored in 2013!
So, until the next time I feel the urge to waffle on, Toodle Pip!


  1. Splendid blog entry, I like the 1812 vignette, I shall look forward to seeing it in the "flesh"

  2. Lovely entry David and I echo what Phil said on the vignette, great work.

    Glad you are more mobile.