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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Western additions

I've managed to finish the final four figures for Lord Walton's Foote ~ see the previous two posts for more on them. I've also completed the 'furnishing' and re-roofing for the Undertaker's building in New Paddock City.
As I'm sure you'll recall, the building is from the wonderful Battle Flag range.

While the 'furnishings are from Frontline's growing resin range. Here we can see into the area I decided would be the workshop, enhanced by some Foundry Old West figures.
While in the main part of the building mourners can pay their respects to their 'dear departed' ~ three Dixon Miniatures' figures in this case, glimpsed through the door.
Or in this alternate bird's eye view.
I've also completed the build of the photographer's, also from Battle Flag, although to date I've only got some bedroom furnishings for the upper floor.


That only leaves the very large hotel to build, which I'll probably attempt in December, as I want to complete a fourth ECW Foote unit first, Robinson's Whitecoats, a Royalist unit for Phil to command I hope in our 2013 games.
It's been a difficult seven weeks since the knee replacement, but at last I can sit for a decent period of time to paint, though not as often as I'd like. Still, KBO, as Winston would say...


  1. Lovely work David.

    I hope you recover soonest an I look forward in seeing 'Robinson's Whitecoats.'