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Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Lad with the Lamp?

I should be at Claymore today if things had n't gone t*ts up with Sue's health; as it is, I'm finding the odd moment to myself between nursing and domestic duties to keep things ticking along in GHQ! I've completed four more stands of Bhurpas for the Indian Mutiny games and I'm working on several limber sets for the ACW: horses from 1st Corps, figures from Dixon and limbers from Foundry. Trust me, they'll look OK when they are done. I've even managed to shop at Claymore via long range shopping through Kevin! Thanks Kev!!!
I've also been working on another building from New Paddock City, not a Battle Flag one but an 'old' H G Walls building I received for a Christmas present a while back. The wonderful chaps and chapesses at Frontline once again provided the resin 'furnishings': I can't praise their wonderful service highly enough really. They put together the items I requested from several different sets without so much as a murmur. Excellent service! If you don't know them, give them a look up. So, without more ado: H G Walls, Gunsmith, awaits your custom...

The building has a sloping roof. I actually prefer these to Battle Flag's flat roofs, although 'back shooting ner do wells' often slide off in games!

Let's take a peek inside...

Rifle racks and filing cabinet from the Sheriff's Office set; safe from the Bank set; counter from the Hotel set.HG hisself from Dixon.

As Phil might say, "It'll do!" At least it will for me!

This is only a very minor project for me, I find making the buildings restful both to the eye and the spirit, and I've no intention of going overboard with modelling, weathering and the like. That's for other folk not me. These are toys in a game we might play two or three times a year, so I'm more than happy with the look. Next up will be Madame Moustache's House of Pleasure ~ I'm told it went in the post today! Now 'furnishing' that should be amusing!


  1. Looks good David. I bet there will be some gun fights outside this shop or perhaps inside going by the vast number of gun cabinets.



    1. Thanks Helen! Yes, New Paddock City is bound to be a place full of hot lead, if not hot air too...

  2. About to become the second richest storekeeper in NPC, although I hear competition for that is on its way (eventually) Nice stuff DB look forward to seeing it in the flesh later in the week.