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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Another mediocre performance...

Not a reference to England's recent Euro debacle, rather a hint at the result of this afternoons ECW game here in GHQ with Charles. Yet another play test for my rules, 'A Crowning Mercy'.

On the Parliamentary Left Wing, a mass of swirling cavalry really decided the battle's outcome.

The Parliamentary Horse are from my collection, a mix of Perry Miniatures and Wargames Foundry. The Royalist Horse are from Charles' collection and are mostly Bicorn Miniatures I think. The unit nearest the camera routed off the table in short order. Charles' unit returned to loot my baggage ~ just out of shot ~ while the unit furthest from the camera also routed and was destroyed! Only Obadiah Bykleigh's horse in the centre fought the Royalists to a standstill.

In the centre for a long time the Parliamentary foot held firm, before finally succumbing to some devastating dice on Charles' part.

In the foreground are John Hamden's Foot opposing Prince Rupert's Foot. Parliamentary figures from my collection, mostly by Wargames Foundry, Royalists from Charles' collection, mostly Bicorn. Trees and walls from The Last Valley.

More detail of Rupert's Foot. Flags by GMB I think. In the distance the Royalist's Lord General base featured Charles I and the Royal Standard.

Charles' figures are exquisitely painted. The command stands are really nice vignettes in their own right. It was almost a pleasure to see them thrash my poor souls...

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  1. Performance notwithstanding, a marvelous looking game with great figures and terrain. Best, Dean