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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

On 2012, so far...

When 'Tales From GHQ' was hosted on another site, I used to write a monthly Blog entry on the off chance that anyone 'out there' was remotely interested in what I'd got up to that month. Since I transfered my affections to this 'Blogger' format I've wondered whether such an occasional post is merited, so here's a sampler so as to speak to see if the thing has any legs...
I painted 80 28mm figures in January: 53 Empress Miniatures Anglo-Zulu War figures to add to my collection ~ horse holders, horses, Natal Native Contingent, Mounted Infantry and extra bases for the British Infantry; 27 WWII 1940 figures for our Operation Sealion/Pig Whoooey! games ~ mostly Foundry German figures, with three from BEF/Warlord. I'm quite pleased by the total in the circumstances but hope to up my output later in the year.
I played eight games in total: winning three; drawing one; and loosing four. Pretty much my usual tabletop performance most months, not exactly setting the world alight, but I did enjoy each and every one of them. The games comprised two ECW, two AWI games, and one AZW game here in GHQ; while I played a Black Powder Crimean War game at Jon's and a WWI and First Carlist War game at Phil's. A good mixture of games producing interesting challenges, many of which I failed to rise to...
I did n't buy very much in January, as my post-Oz holiday financial crisis was finally being resolved ~ I paid off my credit card debt!!!! I did order some MDF bases from Warbases ~ their usual excellent service was a joy ~ as I am rebasing my ECW armies and transfering my Sudan infantry onto MDF bases to match the cavalry, command and artillery already MDFed! I also ordered three packs of figures from Empress and the new Flags for the AZW. I have to say I scanned the flags into the computer and printed them out on thinner, matt paper as I did n't like the glossy thicker paper the flags came on, ~ but that's a personal preference, not a complaint.
Finally, on wargaming related matters, I attended the first Penkridge Table Top sale, as it was just up the road. I did n't buy anything, mostly as it seemed dominated by Fantasy related products and 'part time traders', but mainly because nothing took my eye. It seemed very well attended and many folk were buying stuff happily, so perhaps I was just out of sync with the event. Anyway, I would go to another, as you never know what gem might be there...
I'd like to end by remembering fondly my late Father in Law, Ken Boland, who passed away on Sunday 29th January after a long, dignified struggle with Alzheimer's Disease. A kind and gentle man who found our hobby interesting ~ even attending a show or two with me, in earlier happier days ~ rather than something to be avoided in his Son-in-Law! God Bless, Ken.


  1. I always enjoy reading your monthly post from the front, so it gets my vote to stay. Will you be putting on a game at this years WMMS show?
    Sorry to hear about you sad loss.

    All the Best


  2. Sorry to read David about the passing of your Father-In-Law, my condolences to you and your family.

    Always enjoyed reading your blogs so please keep them coming.