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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Off to a Steady Start...

I've managed a little painting towards the end of 2011 and the first days of 2012, enough at least to satisfy myself that the festive chaos is behind me now. First up, some additions to the 1940 Operation Sealion/ "Pig Whoooey!" game ~
These are the Foundry 'Home Guard in steel helmets' set ~ they'll double as Regular Army in our games if needed.

They'll have a 2lb Anti Tank gun to supplement their support weapons. This one is by BEF, presumably now Warlord. For all the British figures I used a base of Valejo British Uniform and dry brushed Foundry British Uniform Shade and Mid tone over the base.

To give the LDV/Home Guard units a litttle extra fire power, though not much really, I added a Stronghold 'Smith Gun'. Its a nifty little set which goes together well. The figures are small, true 25mm really, but very finely detailed.

This view from front left gives a nice idea of the figures' details I think. Again, uniforms painted as above, while the gun is Foundry Russian Green Light, dry brushed with Foundry Phlegm Green Shade and Mid tone.

I've also given the LDV/Home Guard an Anti Tank Rifle capability. These are from BEF, now Warlord as I said. Painting uniform details is as for the other British figures. I've been trying to match them to the style Andy Dumelow painted the rest of my 1940 Collection in. Its close enough for me ~ that is it passes the 3' tabletop test!!

I've also added to their opponents, eight Foundry Fallschirmjagers, again painted to blend in with those Andy did for me a while back.
For my ongoing Anglo-Zulu War project I've added two horse holder sets from Empress for my dismounted versions of, firstly, the Natal Carbineers. A nice set, although I exhanged the horses between the two sets I bought to give four seeming to stand, as here, and four seemingly moving, as in the next shot; mainly to go with the different poses of the figures.

The second set represents the Natal Mounted Police. Even though the uniform jacket is incorrect for that unit, again it passes the 3' table top test. The horses by Ebob are a joy to paint, far superior in my opinion to offerings from other manufacturers.

I've also been working on adding a base of four infantry figures to both the 24th and the 80th in the Anglo-Zulu War game. I've finished the four of the 24th, but need to do the basing, and have paint on the four for the 80th. After that it will be more Anglo-Zulu WAr stuff, probably the mounted natives.


  1. Excellent paintjob I especially like the smith gun!

  2. Great stuff, David. That second horse-holder looks very depressed!

    Best wishes


  3. Steady? thats a veritable whirlwind of activity :>) Great work there.